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Author: Joshua Berg ©


Houses Fast supplies all kinds of leads to investors who can buy cheap houses fast for cash. Subscribe to a free trial period to view leads in your local area.


1.  Real estate leads that work.


Houses Fast receives thousands of leads from motivated sellers of all kinds who are looking for real estate investors who can buy their houses fast preferably for cash. We supply leads in many different cities and markets, starting with a trial period to see if they will meet your particular needs, or not. There is no obligation to continue your lead subscription if you find they do not meet the needs of your business.



1.1  Stop wasting time on marketing that doesn't work.

  • Spend all your time working with sellers and not looking for them.
  • We have leads to individual sellers who are motivated, with full contact information.
  • These leads are all to sellers wanting to sell their home.


1.2  Secrets of successful real estate investors.

  • Getting leads to good deals that work.
  • They don't waste their time running around looking for leads.


1.3  The alternative to buying quality leads from Houses Fast.

  • Finding and experimenting with professional web developers and marketers.
  • Spend months learning what kind of web system and SEO techniques will be successful.
  • Spend months more building a successful lead system, wait possibly years to get high Google rankings.
  • When and if, you get a high ranking site that produces leads...
  • Spend a lot of time and money maintaining it.
  • Even then you won't know whether your staff, or you have the expertise to reach the goals you planned.


1.4  Popular myths about finding motivated seller leads.

  • You just need a website and then you get all the motivated sellers you want.
  • You just need to spend more time and money marketing.
  • You need to experiment more till you find the "right marketing" technique.


1.5  Houses Fast leads can be the secret of your success.

  • We use full time SEO experts developing and keeping our websites in the highest Google rankings.
  • Our real estate sites have 10+ years of seasoning and are constantly kept fresh with new content.
  • Our sites have the highest rankings in Google, Yahoo, MS's Bing, are listed in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In and many others.


1.6  How you can buy these leads.

  • The first thing to know is, whether we have the leads you need in your local area and they're exactly what you need.
  • That's why we give a free trial period to try them out for yourself first and you can then cancel at anytime you like.
  • Firstly you'll need to do the simple signup registration, then supply a credit card to verify your identity for the trial.




2.  Start a free trial period to motivated seller and pre-foreclosure leads.

If you do not find the exceptionally good deals you are looking for you are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time. Otherwise you may continue your subscription for a fee of $98.00 a month. You may read more about our motivated seller leads.


We are more than happy to provide a free trial period to our leads, so that you can try them for yourself to see if you can find the kind of sellers you're looking for and provide for the kind of profit margins that are required of your business. Some of the leads that we provide through our subscription system have very good profit margins which are ideal for cash buying investors. Other leads are from motivated sellers that need, or want to sell house fast, but they may not have a sufficient amount of equity in the property to interest investor buyers in purchasing the house. Some of these kind of leads are ideal for working as a short sale deal, a lease option, or even taking over payments with a subject-to type deal.


For the experienced real estate investor they will see there are many profitable real estate deals to be had from these leads all depending on the particulars of each property, the sellers particular situation, and the purchasing technique, or tools that the real estate investor buyer is knowledgeable about and may be able to use to make a profitable deal.


  • Investors in our networks have often made tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Our leads have provided investor deals with profit margins from $20,000 to $50,000 and more.
  • Our Dollar trial period is a no obligation subscription to try these leads.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time and just keep the deals you are working.
  • We receive many motivated seller leads for most major cities and states.
  • Our leads come from sellers directly and are not cast offs from other investors.
  • We have quality leads with direct contact information to the home owners.
  • Houses Fast has received and passed on tens of thousands of leads to investors.


3.  Types of real estate leads.

Houses Fast has received many thousands of leads over the last 10+ years through our network of real estate websites and has provided investors nationwide with many hundreds of profitable deals, by providing leads to motivated sellers who are looking for investors to buy houses fast for cash. Our top ranking websites have consistently provided a steady flow of useful leads to real estate professionals throughout the states.


Our ability to provide investor buyers to motivated and sometimes needy sellers has also helped many homeowners out of difficult situations, or difficult to sell properties, providing a win-win situation for all.


There are many kinds of leads in real estate buying and selling, below we'll talk about the many types of leads there are and also about the leads Houses Fast receives and that you may subscribe to.


3.1  Real estate investor buyer leads.

The majority of our leads are real estate investor leads which are bought, or subscribed to by investor buyers who buy houses for cash and are looking for exceptional deals and properties which they can then buy themselves, or sometimes get under contract and wholesale to other investors. so if you're looking for [investor homes for sale] then we may have the deals you need and you may try our one dollar subscription to what we consider to be some of the leads an investor can find.


3.2  Motivated seller leads.

Our leads consist mostly of motivated seller leads and come from motivated sellers who are looking for cash buyers who can buy their houses fast. Some of these sellers have problem situations which is why they may be wanting to sell their house fast, or they just have ugly houses that can be very difficult sell and they need investor rehabber's who buy rehab and resell properties.


We see sellers that have ugly houses which are either very old, or in serious disrepair, because they have had some unfortunate event occur to the property. For example some sellers are looking to sell flood houses, or burnouts, or hurricane damaged houses, houses that have been damaged by termites, toxic mold, leaking plumbing and houses with cracked slabs and/or settled foundations. Some of these type of home sellers were either not prepared to deal with, or do not want to start and get involved with such advanced structural repairs, or major rehabs.


In other situations the problem is not with the property, but the seller may have other reasons for which they want to sell their house fast. Some sellers may have inherited the house and may need offers for the house to go through probate and/or proceeds divided between separate beneficiaries. There are plenty of other reasons why a seller may be motivated and/or time constrained to sell their house quickly. For these reasons it is important that investor buyers who work with, or make offers on these properties are in fact able to buy these houses fast and not just tie up properties in contract causing unnecessary delays, or hardships to the motivated sellers.


3.3  Leads for Realtors.

If you are an agent looking for real estate leads for Realtors then in some cases our leads will be useable by you.


For example some sellers from whom we get leads are not necessarily looking to sell their houses quickly, but are just looking for offers to see how much they could sell their house fast to real estate investors. But they may then decide that they have the time and resources to put their house up for sale retail and those could make good agent leads. Other sellers are just not sure what they want to do with their property and would like to keep their options open whether it be listing their house with an agent for sale, or selling directly to investor buyers.


So if you're looking for [real estate listing leads] then it's possible that we may have some leads you're looking for, in which case you're welcome to a trial period to see if we have any [leads for real estate agents]. [Real estate leads for agents].





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