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Where our motivated seller leads come from.

The leads we receive come from motivated sellers who have contacted us to find real estate investors who can buy their house fast, usually for cash. These sellers are often homeowners who for many different reasons need to find investors who can make an offer to buy their house. These leads come straight from the motivated seller and contain whatever direct contact information the seller has included. These are not leads from realty websites, Realtor sites, or other types of real estate leads that are sometimes available through the Internet.

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Houses Fast leads have made many successful real estate investors over the last decade. In fact it is a high probability that you will not find better deals anywhere else, on properties that can be purchased fast for cash. Time and again experienced cash buying real estate investors have expressed amazement at the speed and ease with which they are able to find highly profitable real estate deals after having tried countless other types of marketing.


Every single day of the week many motivated sellers looking for serious cash buyers who can buy their house fast submit their information to Houses Fast websites to receive a no obligation offer from real estate investors who can buy, or may be able to buy their house fast. So if you're one of the many real estate investors out there who've tried all kinds of marketing methods and are ready to try something new, that gets results... THIS IS IT! You're welcome to signup to Houses Fast motivated leads for a free trial period so you can see what 21st Century marketing is all about.




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Here you may signup free to our motivated seller and pre-foreclosure leads trial period. If you do not find the exceptionally good deals you are looking for you are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time. Otherwise you may continue your subscription for a fee of $98.00 a month.



What makes these sellers truly motivated?


What makes these these sellers more motivated than most home sellers? Find out by reading, What MakesTruly Motivated Sellers.



Free signup to our unique real estate leads
Signup to leads with $40-80K in equity, it's a no brainer.

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Investors tell all: 20 techniques to find motivated sellers reviewed.


Here we're going to reveal the top trade secrets of how investors find motivated sellers. These are the most popular investor marketing techniques for getting seller leads, the ways that work and the ways that just waste your time.


Starting from the worst with 1 star & down to the very best tried and proven with 5 stars. You might consider trying any of the marketing techniques with 3 or more stars.


  • Cold calling, farming ★

Total waste of time, don't do it, don't try. If you think you're just going to randomly call someone and they're gonna want to sell their house for bottom dollar, you're in for a surprise. T



  • Distributing flyers, "flyering" ★

For finding houses to buy this is also quite a waste of time and resources, there are so much better ways to get deals, but sure this is better than absolutely nothing. If you're a beginner that just wants practice talking to people, then yes, this might be for you.



  • Cold calling foreclosure lists. ★★

Cold calling homeowners going into foreclosure is time consuming and difficult. As they're on a public foreclosure list, they've already been called by many other investors also looking for foreclosures. Prepare to spend a lot of time either waiting while the phone's ringing, waiting on hold, or listening to a lot of problems about houses with no equity.


Cold calling for motivated seller leads is a waste of time.
Cold call farming for motivated sellers wastes a lot of time.



  • Cold calling probates. ★★

If you must do cold calling, then calling specific lists of potential customers like probates is another way to go. However much like the drawbacks of the other cold calling techniques, this is also very time consuming, requires a lot patience and odds of success are rather low.



  • Farming. ★★

Is a term used to refer to regular and ongoing marketing of a particular neighborhood, usually involves flyering to all the houses there, or sometimes distributing a local newsletter, or other items. It is a marketing technique that's been taught, especially in Realtor circles, from quite a long time ago and unless you're a realty company with an office very close by, then it's a waste of time.



  • Advertising in classifieds. ★★

Local magazines, newspapers and classifieds are another way to advertize your business, although some classifieds will not let you advertize in the real estate section unless you have a specific property to sell. In the right local papers however and if their prices are affordable, this can be a way for finding some deals. Don't expect to get flooded with responses though, in most areas chances of getting good deals like this are minimal.



  • Calling classifieds. ★★

This can yield some results for the patient person, but is more of a time waster for most. Be prepared to talk to a lot of Realtors and other investors as well. The properties are not all FSBO's that appear to be, professionals may sometimes use "bait and switch" type advertisements, where it turns out they don't actually have the cheap property you thought was "available".



  • Following up on referrals, or former leads. ★★★

Periodically following up on former leads you've worked, or on referrals from others you're working with can be a great source of getting deals, but that is only if you have them and your business is well enough known that you will get regular referrals.



  • Driving for dollars, abandoned properties. ★★★

Involves driving around looking for houses that look abandoned, making note of these properties and then doing some research to find out who owns them and whether they are interested in selling them. There are many tell-tale signs that a property is vacant, or abandoned, long grass, untrimmed bushes and trees, damaged roofs, no vehicles and other disrepair. Note: Caution should be taken in approaching any potentially abandoned property, make sure you know what you're doing. This technique is time consuming, but within local areas it is useful to some.



  • Bandit signs. ★★★

Small plastic signs along main roads and busy intersections, these used by many real estate investors and have been for many years. While some investors have received leads and made deals off of these signs, many others have only got waste time phone calls. This is another one of those "it depends" on the local area and market, but just because you see a lot of these signs, doesn't mean they're getting many leads.



  • Billboards. ★★★

Advertizing on billboards along major roads and highways. For big companies that can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars and sign multi-year contracts with advertizing companies, yes, this technique can bring in plenty of leads. It is only done by big companies, or franchises, because a high number of closed deals in order to finance the high costs. For individual investors an option is finding smaller billboards often owned by individuals. Costs will still start in the high hundreds and require at least a year contract, but location permitting this can be a viable option.



Finding sellers through foreclosure leads and foreclosure lists.
  • Foreclosure Lists. ★★★

Especially for anyone who specializes in buying foreclosure listings, these listings are the most common way they find these properties. These are lists of properties already scheduled for the foreclosure auction. Sure there can be some great deals to be found. If you're ready to work against up to hundreds of competitors in some places and, or, contact people who have already been contacted so many times they can't bear to pick up the phone, then this might be a way to go. Far better than this option is to buy pre-foreclosure leads of people who are in an earlier stage of foreclosure and have usually sought out assistance from investor websites, such as ours, to find someone who might buy their home.



  • The MLS (Realtor's Multiple Listing Service). ★★★

Many investors actually shy away from using their local MLS to find property deals, but you can actually get some very good deals there. Some of the reasons they don't want to use the MLS are, the feeling that too many other people are already competing for the same deals, or that the Realtors who have them under contract will not be flexible enough, or that they would rather negotiate with the sellers themselves directly. All of these are reasonable reasons, but in fact there are so many thousands of deals there that you are sure to find at least some good properties, there are also Realtors who are flexible, or who won't mind presenting unusual offers to sellers. One of the secrets to working with MLS properties is this, make lots of offers, yes, full contract filled in offers. You might even fax out a whole stack of offers in a single day & then see what kind of response you get. Of course you still can't beat working with sellers directly though.



  • Real Estate Owned by banks (RE Os). ★★★★

Real estate that has been foreclosed on and is currently owned by banks, can be quite a good source to get real estate deals, mind you some banks only want to deal with properties in bulk. But banks have there foreclosures listed through their regular foreclosure brokers, listed on the MLS & are happy to take offers on these properties. Of course they will only take cash contracts, but you can get some really good discounts, especially in this kind of market where there's an excess of these properties. Building contacts with these foreclosure brokers is a good idea, if you want to get a heads up on good deals early.



  • Tax auctions. ★★★★

Monthly auctions are held at the county courthouse for properties having their  tax liens foreclosed on due to non-payment of taxes and penalties. For investors that both know how to do this and have the cash to buy them, this can be a great source for highly discounted deals. However in many of the busier counties the competition may be unreasonably high and not worth the expense, trouble and risk involved. In the right areas this could certainly be worth looking into and getting educated on.



  • Government owned, tax trust properties. ★★★★

Properties that are offered up for auction at the county courthouse for non-payment of taxes, but do not receive the minimum required bid, are usually then placed in what is known as a tax trust. These tax trust properties may be offered for sale at a later auction. In some counties you can then make offers in writing directly to the trustee of these properties, which may be close to, or even less than, what was originally owed in taxes. If you happen to be in an area that has not had too many investors purchasing these properties already, then it's possible you might find some really exceptional deals.



  • Direct Mail, or Mail-outs. ★★★★

Targeted mail-outs to select lists are not cheap, but to the right targets, at the right time, with the right offers, they can get results. Some examples of targeted mail-outs would be to absentee owners, probates, foreclosure lists, bankruptcy lists, behind on taxes, etc.



  • Seller Leads generated through your own website. ★★★★

For the very few investors who have a professionally SEO'd website with Google rankings in at least the top three, it is an excellent way to get firsthand top-quality seller leads of all kinds. But for the 99% of other lower-ranked investor websites they are not likely to get many, if any leads at all, you can buy original leads from the sites that do get them. There has sometimes been a misconception that just by having a "we buy houses" type website investors would naturally start receiving good leads through the Internet. This couldn't be further from the truth, as most investor websites do not receive any leads at all. So for investors wishing to get original, first-hand, quality leads online, your best bet is to purchase the leads from the top sites that are already getting them, as you can see under our pre-foreclosure leads, and motivated seller leads techniques below.



Our Pre-foreclosure Leads and... ★★★★★

Get the bulls-eye with our free motivated seller leads.

Many of the leads that come to us here are pre-foreclosure leads which are far better than the already well publicized foreclosure listings, because the pre-foreclosure leads are from a considerably earlier stage in the foreclosure process & have usually not been marketed to, or even contacted with sales offers by other real estate investors. So if you signup for our free trial to seller leads, you'll also have any pre-foreclosures we receive included with them.



Our Motivated Seller Leads. ★★★★★

Leads from a professional website such as those supplied through our Houses Fast subscription system, are by far the best type of seller leads you can get.


  1. These properties have the most equity & highest potential for good deals.
  2. They are the best type of leads for marketing dollar you can find anywhere.
  3. Leads are from sellers that are really motivated to sell & need to sell fast.
  4. These sellers are looking for local investors who can make fast cash offers.



Free signup to our unique motivated seller real estate leads
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Please do not subscribe to HousesFast leads if...


you cannot follow best business practices and etiquette in dealing with customers, or if you do not want to join a subscription service.






Questions asked about our own motivated seller leads.



Do your leads come directly from home sellers?

Yes, all our leads come to us directly from home sellers., we do not purchase recycled leads from other sites, or investors who don't want them any more. Our leads contain contact information directly to each individual home seller so you may contact and negotiate with the motivated seller directly. In some cases a seller may not feel comfortable putting all their information, or some details about the house on the Internet, in which case you can contact them directly to ask for further details.


Where do these leads come from?

These leads come through our own network of websites, designed to connect with home sellers who need their houses bought fast. For many years our websites have consistently been among the highest ranked websites on the Internet search engines and that is where most of our traffic and then leads comes from.


Are all your sellers motivated?

Many of our sellers are very motivated for one reason or another, obviously some would be more motivated than others. In some cases sellers are motivated and have lots of equity. In other cases, sellers are extremely motivated (i.e. getting foreclosed on), but there is not enough equity in the house to work for an investor. On this site you can expect to find a variety of these types of leads, including houses with lots of equity, houses with moderate equity and houses with no equity that may qualify very well for a short sale.


How old are these leads, are they recycled from other investors?

You will receive leads the same 24 hour day that they came from the seller. We do not pre-screen, or cherry pick the leads. Houses Fast does not buy recycled leads from other websites, or investors. None of our leads are cast offs from other investors, they are straight from the seller to you.


How do you get so many direct real estate leads?

Our sites generally rank some of the highest in the search engines, with many visitors coming through daily. The sellers that come to our sites are searching the Internet looking for investors who can help them, usually with quick cash offers, but some sellers may also be willing to have an investor take over payments, or even sell owner finance, etc.


How accurate is the information in the leads?

Our investors have found these leads for the most part to be quite accurate, with good contact information for sellers and addresses, etc. Obviously some of the information you could expect to be less accurate would be information that the seller has minimal knowledge of. For example, a seller may not be aware of the correct value of the property and cost of repairs that need to be made. As with all leads due diligence and verification is prudent for any information you receive.


Are these leads cherry picked by other investors before we get them?

No, the leads are as they were received from the sellers. We do not have any investors who purchase, or use leads before other investors. What you see is what you get. You will see from the numerous useful leads, that it is good information.


What if I don't like the leads?

If you don't like these leads at any time, just drop out during your trial period and pay nothing. That's right! Your trial period obligates you to pay nothing if you find the leads are not useful and drop out. That's because we want you to try these leads for yourself and see if they're really what you need and will produce motivated sellers for your area.


Why are there no leads in my city?

There are a few cities and even states that we do not receive leads for. If you do not see your state on the motivated seller leads list of states, then we do not receive enough leads for that state to start a subscription.


Is Houses Fast a trustworthy company, well known by other investors?

Houses Fast has consistently maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and adheres to all it's best business practices. We are not a "fly by night" company, or new to the Internet, but have been in this business for 10+ years. We are well known by many investors and have been in newspapers and appeared on thousands of sites nationally. If you have questions, we have answers and we are more than happy to build a trustworthy working relationship with you.


Unparalleled quantity of quality leads.

Through our lead subscription system you will find an unparalleled quantity of quality motivated sellers. Though many sites may claim to have many seller leads, they may often be old, recycled, or previously published foreclosure type leads. Other sites may have some leads, but they may end up having far more investors subscribed to those leads than there are sellers to call. This is not the case with the quality


What the leads include.

The seller leads from our "no obligation offers" seller form include the sellers name, phone number and e-mail, as well as relevant details about the house, why they are selling, years since purchased, mortgage, monthly payment, payments behind, seller's estimate on their house value and their "close fast for cash" asking price. It is up to a seller whether or not, they wish to exclude some of the above details.



Just sign up and try them free for yourself...

So what are you waiting for? Just sign up and try the leads free for yourself and you'll see what we have to offer.



Please do not subscribe to HousesFast leads if...  you cannot follow best business practices and etiquette in dealing with customers, or if you do not want to join a subscription service.



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