Our national network of investors buys houses for cash.
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The Houses Fast national investor network.

Houses Fast is a reputable national real estate investor network that has been buying houses for over ten years, receiving high recommendations from consumer agencies and consumers alike. Investors associated with our network have improved thousands of homes and neighborhoods, by both remodeling rundown houses and helping homeowners out of unmanageable, or difficult to sell properties.





Our goals and what we aim to do for you.


We buy houses fast, for cash and can give you a fast no obligation offer to buy your property. Once you fill out this form it will be sent to local investors within our network.


The goals Houses Fast strives for...


  • To Help you sell a house faster than typical on the retail market.
  • To Inform with knowledgeable answers & information to make decisions.
  • To Connect you with cash investors who can make fast offers to buy houses.
  • To Utilize modern marketing technologies that assist buyers & sellers.
  • To Provide cash buyers unique real estate leads to buy houses faster.









Types of houses we buy for cash.


  • Our specialty is buying houses fast for cash, that would otherwise be difficult to sell.
  • We often buy houses with cracked slabs & any serious foundation problems.
  • We buy houses that have serious flood damage, or water damage.
  • We also buy ugly properties that may not be of marketable appearance.
  • Houses that may have toxic mold, or serious moisture problems.


  Fill out this form to get a no obligation offer
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  • Houses with plumbing problems, cracked pipes, outdated plumbing.
  • Houses with electrical problems, outdated wiring & code issues.
  • Houses with termites, carpenter ants & other wood eating insects.




Some problems experienced selling depressed properties.


  • Months of waiting to sell your house while still making payments.
  • Home remodeling, long repair jobs and dealing with contractors.
  • Advertising, in newspapers, magazines, classifieds and or, online.
  • Preparing the house for frequent showings & holding open houses.
  • Continuing to make your payments while your house may be vacant.
  • Selling on the For Sale By Owner market, taking calls at all hours.
  • Getting cash to catch up on payments, or back taxes if you are behind.



We also buy foreclosure property and can close fast.


If you have a property in foreclosure we would like to make a no obligation offer. Then you'll know what your house could be worth for a fast cash sale.


  • If you fill out the form above, our local investors can contact you with offers.
  • We have investors who buy foreclosures fast and can offer cash for houses.
  • To avoid getting a foreclosure on your record an investor could buy your house.
  • If there is not enough equity, an investor may be able to short sale the loan.


Caution: To avoid "stop foreclosure" scams, it has been suggested that you don't pay up front for any foreclosure related "services".



It's easy to sell a house fast at HousesFast.



All investors work independently.


The real estate investors in our network all work independently. Regarding any offers you receive from a real estate investor, it is your responsibility to consider each individual offer and/or the investor making the offer and whether they are someone you would like to work with. We suggest that it is a good idea to do some research on the investor and or company you are considering selling your house to so you can make an informed and prudent decision.




Real estate leads for investors.